We contract with publishing houses and with individual clients. We often work on separate projects, but we also provide joint consultations and services. Contact us directly for more information, including our availability, our fee structure, and our thoughts on services that aren’t listed here.

Start Right

proposal development

Define the themes of the author’s work in progress, outline remaining chapters, and craft a professional  proposal for submission to publishers.


Write – using interviews, existing material, and research –  in conjunction with the author to produce a full length manuscript that’s ready for the next phase of the publication process.

writer coaching

Coach the author throughout the development of the book by offering perspective and support at each stage of the project and providing consistent feedback on author’s developing material.

Finish Strong

macro editing

Read the author’s completed manuscript and send a detailed analysis offering specific suggestions for improvement of the structure and themes.

content editing

Edit the completed manuscript at a sentence level so that it is suitable for publication.