10 Rejections

That is the goal for this afternoon. But what I’m learning is that most good work is done in the morning, and I only have half an hour left to get rejected 10 times. Off the start line at 3:04 p.m. sharp.

One down. I asked for coffee AND rejection in that email. I had to rearrange my sentences a few times.

Two down. I am not sure if I had already sent the same email to that contact or not…

And as it turns out, that contact has an auto-reply for medical leave (say short prayer for contact…). Not sure if I should still count that rejection.

I’m counting it.

Three and Four down. I shamelessly asked to be on that contact’s podcast, so that should be two rejections with one email.

Five down.

Six down.

Seven down. I included the URL of this website in that email, which might have been a little risky…

Well, one affirmative reply for the coffee. And another out of the office email.

Eight down.

Does it count as a rejection if I can’t find the email I’m looking for?

Nine down.

And the toddlers are back, so I am out with nine at 3:43 p.m. Looking forward to tomorrow’s rejection.

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