Thoughts on Platform

To the authors I know:

I’m not envious of many of your tasks. Especially not the task of creating a platform. I don’t know if this is true, but I get the sense that authors in ye olden days (like the 80s) were vigorously promoted by their publishing houses. Please comment if I’m mistaken, I would really like to know. My impression is that in the here and now, to sell even a single piece paper, you need at least six social media platforms with significant numbers (we’re talking thousands) of followers.

Dad and I own a URL because it’s part of being a business, any kind of business, in 2020. But we’re not trying to attract traffic to the site necessarily. Hello, Russian bots! Actually we’ve only managed to attract ONE Russian bot. That is how little I understand about attracting traffic to a site. I guess this is my way of defining my job – I am only helpful when it comes to Word documents – email me one of those, and I’m all in. Your twitter account, though? You know much more than I do. Dad and I just need the site listed on our business cards to be a valid link, not an Error 404 kind of situation.

All that to say – I know that platform can be a difficult part of your job. But don’t give up. The world (or a select portion of the people in the world) need your words. Good luck out there.



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